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Medical Expert Witness

Nursing home neglect cases run the gamut of personal injury law. They incorporate elements, arguments, and ideas from medical malpractice to premises injury. As a nursing home plaintiff’s attorney, you are probably well versed in all of this and more.

However, if you are like most of our clients, you spend an inordinate amount of time searching for expert witnesses and struggling through piles of poorly organized medical records. Now that you have found MedMal Consulting, that search and that struggle are both over.

We use our nationwide network of pre-screened medical experts to put you in contact with the witnesses you need. The majority are not listed in any referral indexes (apart from our own private contact list) and do not advertise their services. Many also have publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, respected positions in their profession, and so on. All have some merit beyond simply being willing to provide medical testimony.

Expert Witnesses for Medical Malpractice Cases Involving Nursing Homes

You need to have a certain amount of experience and knowledge to handle a complex nursing home case as a personal injury lawyer. Shouldn’t your expert medical witness be held to the same standards?

You’re looking for another member of your team, after all, and you will only be as strong as your weakest link. Our exacting selection process and personalized case analysis policy are designed to ensure that you not only get an expert who can handle the specifics of your client’s history, but also one who will be able to handle the demands of your case.

Most cases can use medical expert witnesses at every stage of establishing negligence, especially when the injury involves medical malpractice in some way. Our medical experts help our attorney clients in various ways:

  • By being experts on medical standards of care, nursing home practices, and safety regulations
  • By identifying evidence that indicates if and when such duties were breached
  • By linking the breach of duty with an injured person’s losses

Nursing Home Medical Record Review

In addition to providing medical expert witnesses, we also help review and parse documents. Our physicians’ medical review processes are geared towards a legal eye.

We don’t just summarize medical history. We provide detailed, purpose-driven medical record reviews for attorneys. This means that we focus on the information you need to establish and defend your clients’ positions, such as:

  • Chronological listing of medical history with hyperlinks and bookmarks
  • Notes on pre-existing conditions
  • Gaps in the medical record, along with the probability of records existing
  • Leads to guide your search for missing information
  • Clear indications of illegible, incomplete, or damaged documents
  • Highlighting of key medical opinions and points your adversary may pursue

It’s the information you need in a detailed, accurate, straightforward format. To make things even simpler, we offer flat-fee reviews so you can predict the cost of medical analysis and conduct your cases accordingly. We are confident enough in this service to offer a free 100-page trial.

Simple Fees, Custom Reviews and Quality Referrals

You can do most of this work yourself, but we have been helping attorneys succeed since 1992. We have these processes down to a science.

We empower lawyers to take more cases, make more accurate projections and grow their businesses by reducing costs, speeding up the expert selection process, and providing key, time-saving medical insights into case materials. Our referrals provide excellent support for our clients’ cases and our reviews provide work products that are second to none.

MedMal Consulting also offers transparent, flat-rate physician legal consulting fees and referral fees. We simply put you in contact with the expert, and you handle the pecuniary details of your relationship from there.
We thrive on making quality, lasting connections between attorneys and medical experts. We grow our business when our clients succeed and when they refer us to their colleagues. That means there is no need for specials, promotions, or any of the other convoluted sales techniques you often see at other referral services.

Medical- and Litigation-Savvy Leadership

Our leadership is one of the main reasons we are able to offer these high-quality medical malpractice case review services and expert witness referrals. MedMal Consulting is helmed by a litigation-savvy physician medical director who has a hand in evaluating all contacts.

Your case is handled personally by a physician who understands the requirements of nursing home injury litigation. You can trust that the details of your case will be reviewed and communicated in a way that your expert referral candidate can understand completely.

Our Referral and Review Services for Other Types of Cases

MedMal Consulting handles a variety of types of cases in addition to nursing home abuse and neglect. As our name implies, our medical malpractice experts can help you with issues of professional negligence in hospitals, private practices, pharmacies, the public health sector, and any other medical discipline. We also provide case review and expert referrals for motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall cases, and any other dispute involving complex injuries or meandering medical histories.

Again, our flat-rate system allows you to predict the costs of medical document analysis. Our flat referral fees allow you to work directly with pre-screened expert witnesses without third-party encumbrance. Regardless of your case details or your practice area, we simply want you to have the information and assistance you need to succeed.

Support Your Case with the Facts

You need MedMal Consulting referral and review services in your plaintiff-side nursing home cases because you’re up against some of the most ruthless litigators in the personal injury profession. Our work helps you put all of the pieces together, including pieces that your adversary might not want you to find. You need us “because the truth should not be a casualty of litigation.”®

Give your clients the representation they deserve by getting the facts and support you need. Contact us at your earliest convenience to begin the initial analysis and matching processes.