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Slip-and-Fall Medical Reviews and Expert Witness Referrals

Slip-and-fall premises injury cases are difficult for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is the complexity of medical histories — especially when it comes to challenging diagnoses, services from different providers, delayed-onset symptoms, and so on.

You want to fight for your clients to get the settlements or awards they need. You want to truly understand their situation based on all the facts available. The problem isn’t motivation — it’s the density of records, disorganization of documents, and specialization of language that you have to deal with to get to the truth.

Let doctors handle the doctor-speak. Focus on accepting cases that will grow your firm — and following through with careful, fact-based strategies.

MedMal is here to help you with any healthcare-related complexity you face. We offer a range of services:

  • Witness referral
  • Record review
  • Deposition planning
  • Full-service consulting medical professionals – Doctor OnCALLSM
  • Medical litigation coaching

These services range from case strategy consulting to specialized medical clerical assistance. They are all available for slip-and-fall attorneys and are all customized to the details of each specific case.

Medical Expert Witnesses for Premises Injuries

Medical expert witness testimony is critical in most slip-and-fall cases. The injuries — especially severe back and soft-tissue injuries — are often difficult to diagnose and understand. This makes professional perspectives all the more relevant.

Not only do you need a medical witness, but the quality of the testimony is also often a factor. That is why MedMal Consulting focuses on supplying referrals from respected, active professionals in medicine and nursing.

You’ll find that our business model differs significantly from many other referral services. Rather than profiting off of a rotation of “hired gun” expert witness services, we seek to connect your business directly with the expert. We aren’t selling services, we’re selling profitable connections.

As such, you only pay a flat referral fee. We do not collect percentages of witness hourly rates nor do we handle their billing. You handle the contractual details independently.

Medical witness referral is one of our core businesses. We have been doing it for decades, and have always been in it for the long run. Our system works because our referrals help attorneys grow their businesses. In addition to slip-and-fall attorneys, we also refer to car accident firms, nursing home abuse lawyers, and, of course, medical malpractice firms.

Medical Record Review for Slip-and-Fall Cases

The first step in any personal injury case is collecting all of the facts. Unfortunately, this is often easier in theory than in practice.

MedMal Consulting provides comprehensive record review services. These include case screening, medical chronologies, and more.

Together, this input helps you assess the feasibility of cases for your firm and build strategic plans. Our goal is to present the information you need to make your most important decisions — and to avoid some of the surprises that might otherwise create challenges for your case.

Patients with long medical histories might lack complete records. There could be omissions, or else certain records could be out of order. Doctors and technicians, in their haste, might have taken illegible notes. Archival methods might have resulted in degraded or damaged documents.

Even when the record isn’t perfect, we give you the absolute best version you could expect. Our chronologies include:

  • Chronological listing of all documents
  • Free bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Mentions of potentially important items within the context of your case
  • Notes regarding illegible, damaged, or potentially missing entries to guide your research

Our chronologies are performed by doctors in the United States and India. Our pricing is competitive and simple. We even offer a generous free sample of our review.

Ancillary Medical Review and Strategy Services

Perhaps you’ve always wished you had a physician on staff. Maybe you would like the confidence to engage with medical experts in a courtroom setting. Regardless of your goals, MedMal Consulting is here to help you achieve them.

Apart from medical expert witness referral and exhaustive records review, we offer a variety of services to help you plan and execute your strategies. These include:

  • Deposition planning: Deposition is one of the most important fundamental fact-collection processes, but sometimes the facts fall victim to various subordinate concerns. Our deposition services help you bring the truth to light, highlighting the important details of your case and the relevance of the witness testimony — all while leaving the witnesses the freedom they need to express information clearly and efficiently.
  • Doctor OnCALLSM: If you have ever wanted a nurse paralegal or a physician on your staff, then this is the service you should consider. This program provides virtual in-house consulting services for your cases, along with high priority and exclusive prices on many of our other services.
  • Trial and litigation consulting: Our experience with medically complex cases has given us the experience and insight necessary to consult on a variety of litigation matters. We can help build a roadmap for your case.
  • Attorney coaching and education: Defense curveballs abound in slip-and-fall cases, especially during litigation. We offer face-to-face education in medical fundamentals and advanced strategy, tailored to your needs and the details of your case. Our goal is to prepare you to deal with expert medical language, avoid common trial pitfalls and handle anything else the defense throws your way.

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We are available to assist with all types of slip-and-fall cases — and we offer services that can fit into any business strategy. We can simply screen cases or provide comprehensive on-call consulting. You should especially consider us if there is any question of medical malpractice in your case.

Over several decades in business, we have had clients from across the country. They have grown with us with the help of the witness experts we refer and the medical review services we offer. Contact MedMal Consulting today — we’re ready to take a look at your case. Call 877-633-6254


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