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Dr. Herman is Available to Personally Meet With Attorneys to Review the Medical Records and Identify Key Entries

Many of our services at MedMal Consulting revolve around preparing your case materials. We provide the detailed analysis and expert medical insight you need for litigation against what is sure to be staunch defense from corporations and insurance companies.

As a plaintiff’s attorney in medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, car accident, slip-and-fall, and other highly technical cases, you benefit from our core services:

  • Medical case review and document review
  • Medical expert witness referral
  • Doctor OnCALLSM virtual in-house physician
  • Deposition materials preparation
  • Deposition coaching and in-person monitoring
  • Much more

However, if you plan to make a career out of medically complex cases, you might want to go a step further. In that case, we offer face-to-face coaching between you (or your lead trial attorney) and the leader of our organization, Dr. Herman.

Face-to-Face, Down-to-Earth Walkthroughs Of Medical Concepts, Specific To The Exact Details Of Your Case

We believe that every medical malpractice and personal injury trial lawyer could benefit from a conceptual foundation in medicine and contemporary medical professional practices. In fact, it’s surprising how far general medical knowledge can take an attorney in a courtroom setting. 

That’s why our education sessions begin with the fundamentals. Dr. Herman will begin by teaching you basic medicine as he would a medical student. 

The caveat here is that a med student’s level of knowledge is unlikely to help you solve the complex challenges of a medical malpractice case. This is one reason why we are so selective with the medical expert witnesses we refer. You need advanced or specialist backgrounds to piece together what really happened in surgical theaters, pharmacies, and other locations.

With that in mind, we finish our basic education with detailed fellowship-level information. Because you will know the medicine — the medicine that applies to the specific details of your clients’ claims — you will feel confident in presenting your case in terms the jury will easily understand. 

To summarize, our education systems are tailored to the challenging cases you face. Dr. Herman arms you with a general academic understanding, then dives deep into the medical information most relevant to your case.

Personal Meetings With Attorneys To Review The Medical Records And Identify Key Entries

As you have probably inferred, a customized course of medical education requires us to review the details of your case at length. After Dr. Herman has a grasp on the facts, and after you are equipped with specific medical knowledge, he will go over the documents personally with you.

This differs somewhat from witness referral, as it is part of the larger coaching and education program. Of course, witnesses still provide valuable testimony and perspective on the facts. 

However, unlike testifying, medical expert witnesses, or expert referral services, Dr. Herman’s education program is available in the form of personal meetings with attorneys to review the medical records and identify key entries. He can meet with you, teach you the relevant literature, and provide you clear explanations of the deviations from the standard of care.

Strategic Insights And Planning Assistance Backed By Decades Of Serving Medical Malpractice Law Firms

It’s on to the next step after you understand the medical background and the specific details of your case documents. That is: synthesizing all this knowledge into a cogent case strategy that efficiently frames the case for the best possible outcome for your clients’ claim.

At this point, this is essentially an exercise in logic. However, it takes a great deal of experience to plan a strategy that both optimizes the resources you consume and covers all of the most likely challenges in a complex medical malpractice case. Luckily, with decades of experience in these types of matters, we are in an excellent position to advise.

Dr. Herman can assist in preparing and anticipating the potential arguments and strategies that the opposition may present. MedMal can assist in providing effective demonstrative evidence that is persuasive and easily understood by your jury.

The result is a fact-based strategy that you can completely own in a high-pressure courtroom setting. You’ll have true confidence to pivot, adapt and overcome — simply because you’ll fully understand what you’re talking about, down to the smallest medical details.

Services Tailored To All Types Of Attorneys And Cases

Medical records and concepts tend to be at their most complex in malpractice cases. However, a strong background in medical concepts can be a strength in various types of injury litigation. As we have already discussed briefly, MedMal Consulting offers all services to all types of firms — not just medical malpractice.

The chief benefit of having a conceptual medical foundation is being able to confidently convey the truth of your clients’ injuries to a jury. We are proud to say that our educational services have helped many attorneys in this regard, improving their trial skills in various ways:

  • Clearer, more accurate communication of complex medical ideas
  • More fluid interactions with medical expert witnesses
  • Quicker and more appropriate reactions to curveballs during trial and deposition
  • Better confidence overall when dealing with medical topics in a high-pressure environment

Regardless of your practice area, we have a coaching and education plan that will work for you. If any of the above items are on your professional development plan, or if you have a case that requires a higher level of medical litigation skill than is typical, please do not hesitate to contact us to request a personal session.

Contact MedMal Consulting For Any of Your Medical Legal Consultation Needs

After decades in service as a consulting and witness referral firm, we have advised on and supported many unique and challenging cases. This is our focus: We review medical records and consult exclusively for plaintiff attorneys. 

Neither Dr. Herman nor MedMal Consulting engage in the practice of medicine. Please contact us today to begin the process or request one of our services. Call 1-877-633-6254