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Let a Physician Perform a Medical Legal Case Review

Proper case selection is the first and most critical step in the successful pursuit of a medical malpractice claim. Do it efficiently, and you should be able to start off on the right foot. Otherwise, You might find that you’ve made more work for yourself than necessary.

Not all bad outcomes are due to negligence. Not everyone in the record will have something to contribute to your client’s claim. Get the facts you need to build the case your client deserves — get an expert medical case review.

We Help Maximize Efficiency At The Key Early Stages In Your Cases

To keep things as efficient as possible for yourself and for your client, you don’t want to name everyone in the medical record. That’s true even of shorter records with limited numbers of caregivers and facilities involved, but, of course, longer and more complex issues require even greater attention to detail.

You could do this yourself, but that could lead to errors. Even if they do happen to be on the side of caution, an error at this stage is still likely to be, at best, a waste of your time. Instead of striking out, let a physician perform a medical legal case review. This should help identify key issues, distinguishing medical malpractice from simple mal-occurrence. 

Our Unique Services Provide Expert Medical Insights at Predictable Costs

At this stage of your medical malpractice career, you have probably encountered physician record review services before. However, not all medical review services are equal. For example, we strive for simplicity, accessibility, and clarity. We simply want you to be able to get to the truth as quickly and efficiently on behalf of your clients.

That’s why we keep things straightforward. For a low, flat fee, our U.S. physicians will screen your medical malpractice case by identifying those providers who breached the Standard of Care and analyze this in context as it relates to causation.

MedMal Consulting has been around for decades with this same client-focused approach. We have succeeded by helping attorneys like you succeed.

Details of Our Medical Record Review Services for Attorneys

There are various clues that trained medical professionals find relatively easy to notice. After all, a large part of any doctor’s job is reviewing patient medical records. Physicians do this before and during most of their appointments, it is a central part of academic training and it’s even a routine duty in many administrative positions.

We Help You Uncover Key Opportunities By Checking For Tampering

Because it’s such a central part of their daily professional lives, doctors can quickly review a medical record for you. They can efficiently spot technical anomalies, such as: 

  • Unusual entry patterns
  • Inconsistencies in the record
  • Absent necessary corresponding entries

These might suggest tampering. Tampering, of course, could indicate the knowledge of wrongdoing in the attempt to cover it up.

We Help Direct Your Search By Looking Deeper Into The Records

Our U.S. physician medical reviewers can identify, organize and summarize the pertinent information in the medical record and assist in identifying missing records.  This helps you make quick, informed decisions about your overall case strategy

A physician’s review will also assist in ensuring that all necessary documents have been discovered and produced. It’s always easier to see the big picture when everything is placed in the correct order, annotated, and reviewed for completeness. 

Organization lets you take the next step of getting the deeper data you need to support your arguments. It assists you or your law firm in identifying appropriate items to request for production —electronic data, audit trails, hard drives, records, and so on. In short, it helps you build your case on a solid, factual foundation.

Beyond Medical Malpractice Cases

Up until now, we’ve only mentioned this service in the context of medical malpractice cases. However, we offer case reviews for all different types of claims.

There are many other areas of law in which medical record review and case assessment are crucial, such as premises injury slip and fall, nursing home negligence, and auto accident injury. For example, nursing home cases often involve long and complicated medical history with several pre-existing conditions. Even a car crash injury for a client who has no previous medical problems could result in chaotic, scrambled records from multiple care providers.

Another thing to consider in the face of extremely poor treatment outcomes is that nearly all injury cases could have an element of malpractice involved. A thorough case review that meets medical malpractice attorneys’ standards should uncover any negligence on the part of caregivers.

Scaling Your Processes Along With Your Business

After using our case review services for a while, many of our clients find they want to scale up their firms’ business with higher caseloads and more complex cases. We provide the options you need to grow, particularly our Doctor OnCALLSM program.

This program is a virtual on-site physician. At its core, it’s a hotline for medical-legal opinions. It also gives you the highest priority on all of our services. Finally, members enjoy the exception to our simple flat-rate system: they get a discount on several of our services. 

If you find yourself wanting a nurse paralegal or physician on staff, but feel that you might be humbled by the extra payroll line item, this is the service for you. It’s the next best thing to having a medical expert sitting at the next desk over.

Other MedMal Services

Once you set the groundwork for your cases, you might find that you need further assistance throughout the litigation process. We offer a variety of other services related to your medical evidence, such as expert witness referral, deposition planning, and more.

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