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Physician Screening of Medical Records

Let a Physician Perform a Medical Legal Case Review

Proper case selection is the first and most critical step in the successful pursuit of a medical malpractice claim. Not all bad outcomes are due to negligence. Don’t name everyone in the record. Let a physician perform a medical legal case review to identify and distinguish medical malpractice from mal-occurrence. For a low, flat fee, our physicians will screen your medical malpractice case by identifying those providers who breached the Standard of Care and analyze this in context as it relates to causation. We can identify, organize and summarize the pertinent information. Physicians review will assist in ensuring that all necessary documents have been discovered and produced, and assist you or your law firm in identifying appropriate items to request for production, including electronic data, audit trails, hard drives, and records. Doctors can quickly review a medical record for unusual entry patterns, inconsistencies, or absent corresponding entries that may suggest tampering.