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Motor vehicle accident injury law is extremely competitive. You need every advantage you can get to succeed professionally, even when operating in niche areas. You also need to present the strongest case possible if you want to get the settlements and awards your clients truly deserve — after all, you’re often facing off against professionally diverse legal teams representing powerful insurance companies.

MedMal helps you grow your business and strengthen your cases through a variety of services, chief among them medical expert witness referral. We also offer:

  • Medical record case review services
  • Deposition outlines and question strategies
  • Active consultation during deposition
  • Advanced coaching and trial consulting
  • Doctor OnCALLSM program for high-priority, high-volume medical legal advice

Call us today to see how our services fit with your firm. We also have customized physician consultant services for medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, and slip-and-fall cases — any case for which you would need reliable medical information or testimony.

Witnesses With the Knowledge and Credibility You Need

One of our flagship services is expert witness referral. We pride ourselves on this service, and we’ve been doing it for decades. The key to our success (and that of our clients across the country) is that all we do is provide the connection.

Again, our goal is to set the stage for an independent professional relationship between you and an expert witness. We do not add on to witness hourly rates, nor do we handle witness and billing. You are free to negotiate the terms of any agreement you might make with any of the professionals we refer to you. We charge a flat fee for this referral service.

Another benefit of the MedMal Consulting expert witness network is the fact that

Efficient Reviews Save Money for You and Your Clients

Our medical record chronology service combines the efforts of doctors in the United States and in India to offer you a simple, flat hourly rate. You’re unlikely to beat the value or efficiency with in-house review, and our level of quality control makes us stand out among our competitors.

Beyond efficiency, the main value to your firm of our physician record review is simple: We provide an exhaustive and organized overview of your case. Each report includes:

  • An examination of pre-existing conditions
  • An outside-the-box analysis of potential gaps, omissions, or missing records
  • Notes about illegible or damaged documents
  • Hyperlinks and interactive bookmarks
  • All documents placed in chronological order for simple review

In a motor vehicle accident case, getting this review completed quickly and accurately is one of the most essential early factors in your success. It also helps you budget your case, plan your strategy and establish credibility and trust with your client.

Services To Support You During Discovery and Deposition

Car crash cases tend to move quickly. However, when it comes to medical expert witness deposition, a personalized, methodical approach is usually the best way for you to lay a solid foundation for your case. We provide two key services for this:

  • Pre-planning
  • Deposition consulting

Our pre-planning services help you draw up a deposition outline to obtain the most valuable possible testimony from your expert medical business. Since this is the groundwork for your case, we go beyond a simple list of technical and professional questions to integrate points that further your strategic vision. Then, if you want additional support, one of our consultants joins you during the deposition to observe and help you handle any curveballs the defense throws.

Litigator Coaching and Trial Consulting Services

Facts and logic are critical, but knowledge isn’t everything. Skills and strategy are also essential when it comes to litigation. To succeed in an environment as competitive as MVA injury law, you have to start making the right decisions from the very beginning of each case. That’s the concept behind our coaching and strategic consulting services.

You need coaching if you want to effectively handle medical witnesses by yourself as a trial lawyer. Once you have the skills and information necessary to interact effectively with experts in a courtroom setting, you can make decisions on the fly. Our lead, Dr. Herman, is available for face-to-face sessions so you can gain the confidence to succeed.

Our trial consulting services deal more with high-level strategy. We help you use the facts to establish a set of probable outcomes and methodically pursue the best options you have.

These services can help you predict your costs, reassure your clients and permanently improve your skill. Feel free to contact us for a personal meeting.

Doctor OnCALLSM : The Next Best Thing to Having a Nurse Paralegal

In complex auto accident injury cases, especially for clients that have long medical histories, it often seems like a new medical question arises every time you answer one. If that sounds familiar, you may want to consider our Doctor OnCALLSM program.

Have you fantasized about having a doctor on your permanent staff, or having a nurse paralegal you can turn to with these seemingly endless questions? If so, this program is for you.

You get the highest priority possible from our already highly responsive set of services. Doctor OnCALLSM provides a virtual in-house medical advisor who is always just a phone call or an e-mail away. You also receive lower prices on many of our services by being a member of this program.

Call MedMal Consulting Today

Our network of expert witnesses, record review services, and physician consultants are at your disposal. We’re proud to partner with all types of MVA personal injury focuses, including but not limited to:

  • General auto injuries
  • Motorcycle injuries
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Transit
  • Pedestrian and cyclist injuries

MedMal Consulting witness referrals, advisors, and record reviews are also ideal to support car-crash cases that include claims of medical malpractice. In fact, the more complex your cases and the heavier your caseload, the more likely it is that you need our services to grow your business predictably. Call us now to get started.


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Have your doctor get you a persuasive testifying expertDo you have a nurse on your staff? Now just like in the hospital, they can have a Doctor OnCALLsm to help them help you and your malpractice, nursing home, or personal injury case. Your personal medical expert consult is just a phone call or e-mail away.