Medical Malpractice Case Review

The nation’s premier physician medical review consulting firm

MedMal Consulting provides medical litigation case reviews and expert witness referral services. MedMal is committed to supporting the mission of the AAJ. Therefore, we provide our services exclusively for plaintiff attorneys.

MedMal Consulting physicians screen and determine the merits of medical malpractice cases. This includes analyzing the strengths and helping to anticipate the defenses in nursing home neglect and personal injury cases. The result is the efficient, cost-effective establishment of a fact-based plaintiff’s position in even the most complex injury and medical malpractice cases.

We offer a variety of services related to medical expertise. Our physicians assist attorneys in developing case-specific, rules-of-the-road cross-examination questions and prepare witnesses for depositions and trial. Physicians in the United States and India will prepare a complete medical record chronology, including FREE bookmarks and hyperlinks for only $35/hour. A free trial is also available for this service. For expert witness referrals, we work with the most comprehensive, pre-screened and well-qualified national expert witness network. Our contacts are available for trial and for signing letters of merit when necessary.

Established in 1992 by Dr. Herman, MedMal Consulting has provided physician medical reviews in medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, and personal injury cases. Our work has assisted firms like yours in obtaining more than $198 million dollars in verdicts and settlements in medical malpractice and nursing home cases.

We also handle a wide range of other types of cases that require medical opinions or analysis. Chief among these are motor-vehicle accidents, especially involving commercial vehicles, and premises injuries (slip-and-fall).

Armed with the facts and partnered with leading experts, our clients are much better positioned to pursue justice against the professionally diverse and thoroughly funded legal teams that represent powerful insurers and large corporations.

Medical Expert Witness & Medical Malpractice Consulting Services

Medical Expert Witnesses

Medical Expert Witnesses

Board-certified medical expert witnesses from some of the best medical institutions and private practices in the country. Many are published in peer-review journals and hold the respect of their peers.

Screening Of Medical Records

Proper case selection is the first and most critical step in the successful pursuit of medical malpractice, nursing home, or personal injury claims. We provide the summaries you need.

Medical Legal Case Evaluation

Grow your business predictably. A flat-fee physician medical review eliminates the uncertainty of how much a case evaluation will cost.

The essential document review service. Physicians prepare medical chronologies and timelines. $35/hr. for a complete medical record chronology. FREE hyperlinks – FREE bookmarks.

Doctor Oncall Case Screening

Have you always wanted a full-time in-house Physician on your staff but thought it cost-prohibitive? Now it’s within reach!

Discovery – Depositions

Words matter. Ask the right questions with a doctor on your side of the table. Case-specific, rules-of-the-road questions help nail testimony.

Integrated consulting and high-level strategic planning from the very beginning of your trial. We help you handle the curveballs typical of high-value, complex cases.

Medical Expert Witnesses

Dr. Herman is available for face-to-face case examination and training. Start from the beginning and gain the medical confidence you need to present in court.

Personal Injury, Nursing Home Negligence, Medical Malpractice

Medical Legal Consulting Expert Witness

We are committed to excellence, and that means providing the full range of services you need to succeed. MedMal Consulting medical malpractice expert witnesses and consulting services (available exclusively for plaintiff’s attorneys) include initial physician medical malpractice case review and standard of care evaluations. We work with the most comprehensive, pre-screened and well-qualified nationwide network of testifying medical expert witnesses.

This means that not only are you getting the evaluations and reviews you need to strategically establish your arguments and manage your caseload, but you’re also getting these services from a practicing professional — not a hired gun. Our nursing and physician experts are leaders, writers, communicators, and, above all, active healers. They are all individuals who have committed their careers to the well-being of patients and the maintenance of professional standards in the medical profession.

Additional medical legal consulting services include medical literature research, discovery preparation and/or evaluation, assistance with medical malpractice trial preparation, settlement negotiations, mediation, and in-court medical malpractice trial consulting. Although law firms primarily engage us, MedMal Consulting has also developed seminar lectures and materials for Physician CME seminars, Grand Rounds, and resident and medical student education.

MedMal Consulting is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and has a nationwide network of testifying Medical Malpractice Expert Witnesses. We invite your confidential inquiry as to how we can assist you or your firm.

Physician Expert Services For Attorneys In All Practice Areas

Pre-Screened Specialists and Experienced Professionals in Multiple Medical Disciplines

Your physician medical director pairs your case with the exact type of expert partner you need to succeed.

Medical businesses are your adversaries and they’re in control of the knowledge you need. Insurance teams fight tenaciously to protect their clients. As a plaintiff’s attorney, you need someone with at least as much knowledge and experience reviewing medical histories, establishing standards of care, and providing expert testimony if you want to level the field.

On the auto insurance side, it’s typically a hardball, flat-offer business. That goes double for commercial accidents. On your side, your client faces a lifetime of continued suffering — that flat offer isn’t going to cut it. Our medical experts help you uncover and communicate the specific factual foundation from which you can pursue what your client truly deserves.


Slip-and-fall cases tend to meet staunch resistance from corporations and their insurance companies. Sometimes, a medical record is all that unequivocally links an injury to a specific incident. Our premises injury slip-and-fall medical experts help you investigate and illustrate that link so that justice is served.

An entire lifetime of medical history, a precarious set of conditions, and a mountain of internal paperwork — that’s just the typical nursing home injury case. When things get complex, you need a competent, compassionate medical expert to help you cut through the noise and show the facts as they truly are.


“I can’t imagine running my medical malpractice practice without Dr. Herman’s assistance.”

~ P.D., J.D.

“Dr. Herman has been a tremendous help to us with our medical malpractice cases and has saved us a huge amount of time and money. I recommend him highly.”

~ J.G, J.D.
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