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Once you identify the cases that best fit your firm, good medical depositions are critical to the success of your case. You need strategy, planning, and exhaustive, expert knowledge to make it count. You also need to be able to roll with the punches and still come out with the unadulterated facts that your client deserves.

As you probably know, the defense will use every opportunity to advance its case during discovery — and depositions. That puts the imperative on you to make the most of the opportunity as well.

This involves striking a balance. On one side, your client deserves exhaustive preparation. On the other side, you need to do this work efficiently in order for your firm to remain competitive as a business.

MedMal Consulting tips the scales in your favor as much as possible with discovery and deposition services for medical malpractice lawyers, motor-vehicle-accident firms, nursing home abuse attorneys, and slip-and-fall attorneys. If your case hinges on medical testimony, we have the support you need.

MedMal can assist your team in the preparation of medical malpractice deposition outlines. We are also available to attend (and to consult during, if desired) your depositions. We can field the curve balls frequently thrown during medically related testimony, right as it’s happening.

Focus on the law — doctors can speak the language of doctors. Choose MedMal Consulting “because the truth should not be a casualty of litigation”®.

Personalized Medical Expert Deposition Coaching and Training

Being an attorney means making a commitment to constant education. If you’re ready to extend that education to deposition and courtroom skills, MedMal consulting offers personalized training programs. This can be either an alternative to or an augmentation of our discovery and deposition services.

This deposition coaching service is especially useful for those lawyers who focus on medical malpractice, trial attorneys of any type, and anyone who consistently handles live interactions with expert medical witnesses. We help you understand the foundational concepts so you can ask the right questions, use the right language and form the right basis for your case.

Initial Case Analysis and Review

In addition to preparing you for a successful deposition, we also provide document review. In fact, many consider a successful review of medical records to be a prerequisite for any further action on a case — including making the decision to accept it in the first place.

We go beyond the details of medical records to give you an overhead view of your potential client’s situation. This includes calling out important information, ordering records chronologically, and even identifying missing entries to point your research efforts in the right direction.

The quality of your initial research informs the success of your depositions. Leave no stone unturned — and complete exhaustive research efficiently — by using our medical record review services.

Preparation of Medical Malpractice Deposition Outlines

Even if you have a seamless, well-organized client history in front of you, it’s often a challenge to synthesize an effective deposition outline. Questions do not simply materialize out of the facts. You have to understand witness roles, have a well-defined vision of your case and identify opportunities for specific lines of questioning.

This is where a medical-related testimony outline becomes useful. Your outline is your roadmap to a successful deposition. Up until the beginning of the deposition, you can check it against the facts and ensure that your strategic goals are addressed. During the deposition, the outline is a useful reference for making in-the-moment tactical decisions when things don’t go exactly as you planned.

In short, your outline can be much more than simply a list of questions — even if that is the form it eventually takes. It can be a touchstone for your deposition process and crystallization of your knowledge. At MedMal Consulting, we help our clients create medical malpractice deposition outlines with this in mind.

Of course, this service also applies to other types of law firms. In addition to medical malpractice cases, our experts help attorneys clinch their depositions in the following areas:

  • Premises injury
  • Auto accident
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Other complex, bodily-injury focused cases

Preparation is key. Let us help you cover all of your bases.

Attendance of and Consulting During Live Depositions

When cases are particularly complex and when the stakes are high, it can help to have someone in your corner during depositions. A successful deposition is the cornerstone of your arguments during negotiations and litigation. The defense knows this and is likely to take every opportunity to undermine the effectiveness of testimony.

Some tactics are obvious. However, even for experienced medical malpractice plaintiff attorneys who have prepared detailed deposition outlines, things slip by.

Sometimes, you might overlook opportunities or risks due to the complexity of medical language. In other cases, the defense might simply throw you a few curveballs. When you hire MedMal to consult during your deposition, we’ll keep an eye out for this and more.

Depositions are just as adversarial as the rest of the medical malpractice process. Having an additional, experienced observer on your side often helps.

Referral of Medical Experts

In the event you do not have the medical experts you need to provide testimony, we have the nationwide network you need to establish the right connections. Our candidates are medical professionals with the respect of their peers and relevant qualifications — not just “hired gun” witnesses.

This is one of our core services, and we have been placing experts with law offices for decades. Getting started is simple — just mention that you would like to set up a referral when you contact us.

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Our range of services is designed to help you grow your business, not lock you into subscriptions or sap your revenue. When referring experts, we offer simple flat rates for the connection — you work out fees yourself. The same principle applies to all of our services. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs.

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