Medical Malpractice Case Review


Proper case selection is the first and most critical step in the successful pursuit of a medical malpractice, nursing home, or personal injury claim. Not all bad outcomes are due to negligence. Don’t name everyone in the record. Let our physicians perform a flat fee medical malpractice case review to identify and distinguish medical malpractice from mal-occurrence. For a low, flat fee, MedMal will screen your medical malpractice case by identifying those providers who breached the Standard of Care and analyze this in context as it relates to causation. We can identify, organize and summarize the pertinent information. MedMal will assist in ensuring that all necessary documents have been discovered and produced, and assist you or your law firm in identifying appropriate items to request for production, including electronic data, hard drives, and records. MedMal can quickly review a medical record for unusual entry patterns, inconsistencies, or absent corresponding entries that may suggest tampering.

Medical Chronologies by Physicians

Medical chronologies and timelines don’t benefit only medical malpractice or nursing home attorneys. Personal injury attorneys can save paralegal time too. A medical record Summary or Chronology is a chronological record of the medical care and events of your client. Electronic health records have caused records to grow dramatically in size making medical case reviews very time consuming and burdensome for paralegal staff, and expensive for reviewing medical experts. Prepared by physician chronologists, out timelines help you focus your case.

Save time and money with a complete chronology produced by MDTimelines physicians in the US and India.

Board certified medical malpractice expert witnesses from some of the best institutions and private practices in the country. Pre-screened and highly qualified, our nationwide network of medical experts are actively practicing and not ‘hired guns’. Many of the medical experts are recognized by their peers and are published in medical journals. Importantly, most of the Medical Malpractice Expert Witnesses we refer do not advertise their medical expert witness testimony services and are not associated with any medical malpractice expert witness referral services.

Physician Medical Review

Have you always wanted a full-time in-house Physician on your staff but thought it cost prohibitive?

Now you can! The original virtual in-house medical expert, MedMal’s hugely popular Doctor OnCALLSM program provides the clinical insight you need at a price you can easily afford.

Designed to provide busy attorneys with rapid, virtual in – house access to a physician consultant for critical analysis and answers to quick questions. This service eliminates the high cost of maintaining a dedicated in – house medical expert staff. Do you have questions about a potential case, an existing case, or need clarification about medical expert advice you’ve already received? The Doctor OnCALLSM program provides cost effective, prompt telephone and e-mail access for answers to all of your medical malpractice case questions.

Your virtual in-house medical expert is just a phone call or e-mail away!

Does your firm have a Doctor OnCALLSM?

Physician Malpractice Case Review

By performing a flat fee comprehensive review of the medical records, the relevant literature, and interpreting key events chronologically, MedMal will assist in “bottom line” analysis of the value of any given medical legal case. All factors are taken into account including the breach in the standard of care, causation issues, extent of damages, as well as plaintiff and venue demographics.

Attorney Medical Malpractice Education

Unlike testifying medical expert witnesses, MedMal is available to personally meet with attorneys to review the records, teach them the relevant literature and medicine, and assist in preparing and anticipating the potential arguments and strategy that the opposition may present. MedMal can assist in providing effective demonstrative evidence that is persuasive and easily understood by the typical jury.

Discovery – Depositions

Put a doctor on YOUR side of the table. Not only can MedMal assist in the preparation of medical malpractice deposition outlines and case specific rules, we are available for attendance at, and consultation during depositions to field the curve balls frequently thrown during medically related testimony. Focus on the law – doctors can speak the language of doctors.

Medical Malpractice Trial Consulting

MedMal is available for helping layout a trial strategy for preparation of your medical malpractice trial. In-court consultation is also available. Many attorneys find this service particularly useful and utilize MedMal for trial consultation assistance with Voir Dire and when cross examining the defense medical experts.