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As a physician-owned and operated medical malpractice expert witness referral and consulting company, MedMal™ welcomes actively practicing, Board-Certified physicians who do not advertise as medical malpractice expert witnesses.

MedMal™ only accepts as medical malpractice expert witnesses those unbiased professionals who are committed to being objective and academically honest. We are interested in physicians who are willing to testify for either patient or doctor, depending on which side of the case is meritorious.

Physician medical malpractice expert duties include medical record review, conferring with attorneys, and testifying, either by deposition or at trial or both. Often attorneys are willing to accept just a video deposition of a medical malpractice expert, obviating the need for the medical expert to travel and testify at trial.

Medical malpractice expert witnesses negotiate their own fees and expenses and receive medical records for review directly from the attorneys.

In addition to physician medical malpractice experts, we welcome other healthcare providers to submit their information. We are pleased to accept curriculum vitae from nurses, pharmacists, and physician assistants.


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