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Physician Medical Review

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Physician Medical Review

Medical Record Review for Attorneys

Save Money for You and Your Client With a Physician Medical Review

Medicine is complex to the point of being nearly impenetrable for non-professionals. What’s the difference between “peroneal” and “perineal”? Which sets of symptoms indicate the need for medical imaging?

You can’t afford to make even minor mistakes when reviewing medical documents — the stakes are too high. Overlooking a small detail early on might lead to unforeseen challenges to your strategies, less-than-optimal outcomes for your clients, or, at best, extra work for your firm.

Without a more efficient solution, your best choice becomes diving headfirst into another profession’s recordkeeping system and spending the time necessary to make sense of it all. The good news is that there’s a better way: using MedMal Consulting record review services

There’s a Better Way to Review Medical Records

Why get stuck scouring through pages and pages of jargon-filled, jumbled, scrawled, bureaucratic records that can be hard for an attorney to decipher? At least, why do it if you don’t have to?

Plaintiff attorneys across the United States rely on MedMal Consulting physicians for organizing and reviewing medical records for litigation purposes. Our goal is to sort through the information you have, organize it chronologically, and provide you with the notes you need to make significant fact-based decisions.

For a low flat fee, our physician medical malpractice case review eliminates the uncertainty of how much initial malpractice, nursing home, or personal injury case evaluation will cost and cuts down on additional research expenses for your firm.

Take the cases that make sense for your firm. Form the vision for your case strategy early. Budget your time to increase your caseload. Move confidently towards any of these goals and more by considering each option in the context of the cold, hard facts.

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MedMal Physician Consultants Organize and Review Medical Record for Litigation Purposes

Attorneys are certainly no strangers to complex research. As such, any outsourced medical record review has to meet a high standard.

Our services meet and exceed any standards of quality, efficiency, and attention to detail you would set for your own investigative work. That means that having us perform a flat fee comprehensive physician review of your client’s medical records:

  • Saves you money
  • Allows you to understand the case better
  • Maximizes the value of the case for your firm

We Go Over the Records and Provide an Interactive Report

Our doctors interpret the records, review key events chronologically and take all the factors into consideration in their case evaluation. You simply review the bookmarked, hyperlinked report and take any steps necessary — estimating the work necessary for the case, taking on the client, tracking down additional evidence, and so on. The report includes:

  • A chronological format
  • Full available medical history
  • Notes on illegible or unavailable documents
  • Highlighting of key points
  • Interactive bookmarks and hyperlinks

Because we have clients across the country — and because our medical research services are specifically for plaintiffs’ attorneys — you can be confident that your review will be performed with a specific focus on litigation. We call out facts that the defense might use, key points that could strengthen your case, opportunities for further research, and more.

Our Reviewers Have the Medical Knowledge Necessary to Notice Subtleties and Work Efficiently

Medical record review for attorneys requires a keen eye for detail and an investigative mindset, but it also benefits from a solid basis of professional and academic healthcare knowledge. Our physician’s medical review service provides just this.

Our experts search the entire record for key details and events. Better yet, they do it with the context they need to instantly recognize key points and red flags — even potential gaps and missing documentation in the record that could point your research in the right direction.

In short, our medical case review service is much more than just a chronological timeline of potentially relevant events. We take into account and make note of all the factors of the case:

  • Breach in the standard of care
  • Causation issues
  • The full extent of damages
  • Venue demographics
  • Plaintiff demographics
  • And more

These are key points even before you take on a new client. Additionally, by analyzing all of this information at the beginning, you are able to put together a better case — and form a strategy that promotes better, more predictable growth of your firm.

Determine the Types of Persuasive Experts Needed to Prove Your Case 

There’s another reason you need a physician review of your injury or malpractice case. Namely, you want to know ahead of time which types of specialists you might need to support your arguments.

The medical profession is one of the most specialized. There are administrative experts, specialist doctors, ethicists, and many other people with unique perspectives that could make or break your case. Furthermore, you might need to engage various medical professionals in various support capacities. For example, the experts who advise your strategy might not be the same ones who provide testimony during deposition.

In any case, your budgets will be more accurate if you understand the type and number of expert witnesses needed to successfully support your clients’ claims. That accuracy helps you strategize better regarding various aspects of your business, from growth strategies to caseload to finance.

You Also Get Access to a Nationwide Network of Expert Witnesses

MedMal Consulting does more than just case reviews. We also have a robust network of credible, practicing professionals to refer to our clients. These articulate and persuasive professionals are not just “hired gun” experts. Moreover, our referral service operates on a simple flat fee basis. After we put you in contact, you’re in control of negotiating the terms of any future agreements between your firm and the medical experts.

In other words, we don’t try to cut into your professional relationship. We don’t pad hourly rates or control billing. Our goal is to establish what we expect will be a lasting relationship between your firm and knowledgeable witnesses.

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