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We Learn the Key Elements of Your Case That Will be the Most Compelling to the Jury

If you are a current client, you might think of us as specialists in a specific type of prosecution support. The fact is that MedMal Consulting is a full-service medical malpractice support firm. We do everything from witness referral to litigation coaching. 

This is not to self-aggrandize, but rather to illustrate the fact that, through the normal course of our business, we obtain a high-level strategic overview of our client’s cases. As a result, we are in an excellent position to make active contributions to your overall litigation strategy.

If you are looking for a service that helps you make sense of even the most complex med-mal cases, this is it. Our medical malpractice trial consulting helps you:

  • Understand the key elements of your case
  • Build cohesive, efficient strategies
  • Relate to juries
  • Maintain strategic integrity, even during high-pressure trials

Please note that we also offer related services to firms in other practice areas. Feel free to contact us to get started — or read on for a more detailed explanation of our trial consulting program.

We Learn The Key Elements Of Your Case That Will Be The Most Strategically Essential

By being involved in your malpractice case throughout discovery, we learn the key elements of your case that will be the most compelling to the jury. In our consulting program, we share this knowledge with you and help you incorporate it into your case at every stage.

The core element of this service is strategic guidance. We can help layout a trial strategy that comes not from aspiration, but from hard medical information. With the truth as your foundation, we can help you choose the most efficient options for building a solid case.

The earlier you know the details of your case strategy — including the potential arguments of the opposition, the expert witnesses you need, and so on — the sooner you can make a practical forecast of the amount of work the case will involve. This not only helps you better represent your client, but it also helps you plan better as you grow your medical malpractice business.

We Help You Frame The Facts Of Your Case To Be Deeply Compelling To The Jury

No trial is truly resolved through simple logic and information. You also need to be able to communicate that information in a resonant, memorable way.

In addition to administrative strategy, we help you reach the hearts and minds of the jury. Using the same approach as we use to develop a fact-based case strategy, we help you structure a medically factual case theme during the preparation of your malpractice trial. 

Then, we help illustrate that case theme. More specifically, we assist with the effective trial presentation of complex medical information.

At MedMal, we assist in the development of persuasive visual trial demonstrative exhibits to support medical malpractice arguments. Without a certain level of visual clarity, some of these arguments are inevitably lost. We have one of the highest quality imaging mobile presenters on the market and can assist with in-court electronic visual presentation of these key documents, highlighting the most important key elements throughout the process.

We Support You As You Protect And Communicate The Facts Of Your Case

Just knowing and communicating the truth is rarely enough. In the courtroom, you also have to work to protect the facts.

The defense is more than likely to attempt to maximize the efficacy of their case through advanced techniques involving expert witnesses. This can result in a complex tactical situation in which your case seems to almost inexplicably fall apart at trial — or the defense seems to turn unexpectedly adamant. 

The fact is that these results are often far from inexplicable or unexpected. Following through in court after a well-executed discovery stage is key to thwarting these types of tactics. Of course, that’s often easier said than done.

That’s why we offer in-court consultation, which is available for assistance from Voir Dire to your cross-examining the defense medical experts. Many attorneys find this service particularly useful in helping to deal with the curve balls frequently thrown during trial. We will support you as you keep your witnesses intact and continue to pursue the truth based on the facts of your case.

We Offer Services To Attorneys In Many Different Practice Areas

Our medical malpractice experience puts us in a position to consult on medically complex cases across the various practice areas. However, please note that we are completely dedicated to assisting plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Other types of personal injury firms and focuses that we service include motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall, and nursing home neglect. Our clients from these areas generally come to us when they have an extraordinarily medically complex case. 

As with our medical malpractice clients, our trial consulting services are most effective when we have been involved in the case since discovery. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are facing what, in your estimation, might be a significant medical challenge.

On a related point, we find that a record review that meets medical malpractice attorneys’ standards sometimes uncovers the possibility of malpractice. If your car accident, premises injury, or nursing home case had a suspicious or extreme treatment outcome, our services could help you get to the bottom of the issue.

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MedMal Consulting offers a range of services independently of and corollary to our trial consulting program. These include but are not limited to:

  • Expert witness referral
  • Medical litigation coaching for attorneys
  • Physician medical record review
  • Legal medical case screening
  • Doctor OnCALLSM virtual in-house physician consultant

After several decades in business, we’ve learned that the best way to succeed is to help our clients succeed. All of our pricing is transparent and predictable, with no tricks and no unnecessary complications. We simply want to give you the services you need to grow your business — that’s how we have grown to the national scale at which we currently operate.

Neither Dr. Herman nor MedMal Consulting engage in the practice of medicine. Please contact us today to begin the process or request one of our services. Call 1-877-633-6254