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The nation’s premier Physician operated Medical Malpractice Expert Witness referral, case screening, medical record review, and malpractice case evaluation firm. MedMal is committed to supporting the mission of the AAJ. Directed by Dr. Herman, MedMal Consulting has medical malpractice expert witnesses, medical legal nurse consultants, and medical malpractice litigation support personnel to review and assist with every aspect of your medical negligence, nursing home neglect, product liability, or personal injury case. Established in 1992, Dr. Herman and MedMal Consulting have over 23 years of experience in the medical malpractice and nursing home neglect fields and have assisted in obtaining more than $177 million dollars in verdicts and settlements in medical malpractice and nursing home cases.

Expert Medical Legal Consulting and Medical Malpractice Expert Witness

Medical Malpractice Expert Witness and consulting services available exclusively for plaintiffs, include initial medical record review and standard of care evaluations. We work with the most comprehensive, pre-screened and well-qualified nationwide network of testifying medical expert witnesses. Additional medical legal consulting services include discovery preparation and/or evaluation, assistance with medical malpractice trial preparation, settlement negotiations, mediation and in-court medical malpractice trial consulting. Although law firms primarily engage MedMal, expert medical legal consulting services are also available to Plaintiffs, Claimants, and other persons interested in the analysis of complex medical-legal issues. MedMal Consulting has also developed seminar lectures and materials for Physician CME seminars, Grand Rounds, and resident education.

MedMal Consulting is based in Cleveland, Ohio, has offices in Tampa, Florida and has a nationwide network of testifying Medical Malpractice Expert Witness cases. We invite your confidential inquiry as to how we can assist you, your firm or your client.

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MedMal Consulting, Inc.
P.O Box 391153
Cleveland, Ohio 44139

Toll Free:
Phone: 877-633-6254
Fax: 440-248-8257

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MedMal Consulting, Inc.
P.O Box 391153
Cleveland, Ohio 44139

Toll Free:
Phone: 877-633-6254
Fax: 440-248-8257
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