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$10 Million – Medical Legal Case Settlement

$9.8 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement – Brain-damaged girl
awarded $9.8 million in Medical Legal Case

$6 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement – Medication Errors Cause 7000 Deaths Each Year $6 Million Settlement with Hospital

$4.8 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement – Woman dies during labor and delivery secondary to undiagnosed strep infection

$3.3 Million Medical Negligence Verdict – Obstetrician makes mistake resulting in cerebral palsy of an infant resulting in a jury verdict

$3 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement – Gastric-bypass bariatric surgery results in permanent injuries and jury verdict

$2.99 Million Birth Injury – Negligent Delivery Results In Birth Injury

$1.7 Million Birth Injury Settlement – Mismanaged Delivery Results In Neurologic Deficits

$1.4 and $2 Million Verdicts – Record Setting Verdicts In Rural Ohio 1.4 and $2 Million Verdicts

$1.95 Million Medical Negligence Settlement – Failure To Diagnose Dehydration Case Settles For $1,950,000.00

$2.9 Million Birth Injury Serttlement – Negligent Delivery Results In Birth Injury

$2 Million Birth Injury Settlement – Fetal Distress During Labor, Child Suffers and Dies. $2.2 Million Settlement

$1.8 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement – Botched sinus surgery results in cognitive delays and chronic headaches for patient

$1.7 Million Birth Injury Serttlement – Mismanaged Delivery Results In Neurologic Deficits

Delay in Diagnosis and Treatment of Tongue Cancer Case Settles For $1,100,000.00

$975,000 Settlement Emergency Room Fails to Diagnose Blood Clot

$700,000.00 Late Cancer Diagnosis Settlement – Missed Diagnosis in Renal Cancer Case Settles For $700,000.00

$450,000.00 Late Melanoma Diagnosis Settlement – Late Diagnosis of Melanoma Leading to Death Case Settles For $450,000.00

$400,000.00 Misdiagnosis Settlement – Misdiagnosis of Blood Clot in Leg Case Settles For $400,000.00

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